Free Potion Pot Printable For Kids

Free Potion Pot Printable For Kids

I don't think it needs to be Halloween to spread a little witchy love - there is magic around us during all the seasons. In fact, this potion pot printable (say that 3x fast) would probably work best during the summer when there are more flowers in season.

No matter the time of year you use this printable the kiddos are sure to have fun with it.

you are magic

There are a few ways that you could guide children on how to use the free printable at the bottom of this blog. As I do with everything - I encourage you to allow whoever is using the potion pot printable to do whatever feels right to them.

This is intended to be fun and engaging - not a chore.

  1. Write words in each bubble. I know, not the most interactive way to approach finding magic but some children prefer writing. Don't discourage it if that's the route they want to take.
  2. Coloring or using images from magazines. This would be great for those rainy days.
  3. Of course I saved the best for last - go out in nature and find things to tape or glue to their paper.

potion pot printable

Click here or the image above to download the blank PDF version of My Potion Pot sheet.

It's also a great conversation starter when they have to decide on their intention to put on the cauldron. You might be surprised with what they come up with.



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