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Coffee Cake Aroma Simmer Pot Recipe DIY Kit by Dear Antoinette

Coffee Cake Aroma Simmer Pot Recipe DIY Kit by Dear Antoinette

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Make your home smell like coffee cake - without any harmful chemicals or synthetic scents. While this recipe does include an intention behind each ingredient, there isn't a 'tag-line'. This recipe was created more for the aroma than the intention - but that doesn't mean I'm not adding a little magic with each ingredient used.

Each ingredient comes in its own individual bag. It makes a great gift idea or to add to your own simmer pot recipe collection.

The intentions include boosting energy, releasing anger, finding comfort & warmth, and re-aligning with spirit.

While I specialize in mini simmer pots, you could also use this blend in candle work. A little goes a long way if you're using this blend for mini simmer pots or as the base for a candle, but you could also use this in a full size simmer pot.

Ingredients included are: coffee, cinnamon, ginger, sugar, & nutmeg.

You will also receive suggested instructions, measurement information, and a few tips on how to get the most of your aroma if you are using a mini simmer pot.

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