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Mystery Ingredients For Simmer Pots and Candle Magick

Mystery Ingredients For Simmer Pots and Candle Magick

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If you are interested in building up your dry ingredient inventory for candle magick or simmer pots, I've got you covered! I get asked 'where do you get everything?' more times than I can count. I've always been very transparent about how I grew my collection - start with what you have in the kitchen and grow from there.

I began dehydrating and drying my fruits out of necessity. While 'fresh is always best' when it comes to aroma, it's just not possible to have fresh ingredients on hand at all times. So, I began drying a lot of my ingredients for better storage.

I decided to offer mystery ingredient kits in 4 different sizes - something for everyone no matter what part of your journey you are on. Please read each size carefully - sizes vary.

All ingredients will vary. Sizes, shapes, colors, and smells may differ. My citrus will be in pieces vs whole slices as I specialize in mini simmer pots and whole slices would not work for the smaller pots. Since I cut and dry my own fruits, shapes and thickness will vary.

Please read each size option carefully as the bag sizes differ.

Small: (10) 3"x4.7" bags
Medium: (5) 3"x4.7" bags and (5) 4"x6" bags
Large: (10) 4"x6" bags
Supreme: (10) 3"x4.7" bags and (10) 4"x6" bags

A print out is included with the metaphysical properties of each ingredient included in your mystery kit as well as simmer pot suggestions.

Shipping is included with each size. While I do ship via priority mail for these kits due to their weight, please allow up to 5 business days for processing prior to your order shipping.

The sizes of each bag listed above is the entire size of the bag, not necessarily the space to fill. I will do my best to include as much as possible but on average the 3"x4.7" size bags fit approx. .25 cup worth of dry ingredients while the 4"x6" bags fit approx. .75 cup worth of dry ingredients.

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