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Dear Antoinette

Pyrite Nugget Medium Size Crystal for Manifesting and Action

Pyrite Nugget Medium Size Crystal for Manifesting and Action

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Action • Confidence • Wealth • Opportunities

If you are just beginning your crystal journey or are on a tighter budget, Pyrite is an excellent crystal for manifestation and wealth. This is a high energy crystal - it is all about action and powerful energy.

Pyrite would go great in a money bowl, money corner, or if you have a small enough stone right into your wallet.

Pyrite is also a great tool to use in a return to sender as the reflection can be seen as repelling negative energy & sending it back to where it came from.

This listing is for (1) medium sized Pyrite that measures approx. 1.5" - 1.75" in length. Each stone will vary in shape, size, and color (although color is fairly consistent with these beauties & the images don't quite capture their shimmer when the light hits).

Comes in an organza bag with card that includes the meaning of Pyrite. Your crystal will be chosen intuitively & may vary from those seen in photos. Please refer to the photo next to the quarter for general size comparison.


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