Dear Antoinette

Thank you for being part of my spiritual journey. What started as a personal blog to document my journey with Spirit has grown into something more beautiful than I could have imagined. Energy shifting is a powerful tool and I am thankful every day I cut ties with who, and what, was not serving me so that I could begin to heal.

Happy shifting, witches.

Dear Antoinette

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Mini Simmer Pots

Simmer pots are also known as stovetop potpourri. They create an incredible aroma inside your home using natural ingredients. I focus on intentional simmer pots - where every ingredient has a meaning behind it. I wanted to use my simmer pots in smaller rooms like my bedroom and began creating smaller versions of stovetop potpourri.

  • What Are They?

    My personal favorite 'mini simmer pot' is actually a butter warmer. It is perfect for smaller areas, like bedrooms, and you don't need to leave your stove on for hours using up gas and electric.

    Grab yours on Amazon here

  • Measurements

    If you follow me on social media or look through my recipes, you'll notice that I don't use measurements. Everyone uses a different version of a simmer pot and each pot size uses a different amount of ingredients. Use whatever amount resonates with your soul - and what can safely simmer inside your pot.

  • How To Use Mini Simmer Pots

    Start with water as your base and fill with desired ingredients. The biggest detail to pay attention to is to make sure your pot always has enough water in it to continue simmering so that your ingredients don't burn. Never leave your simmering pot left unattended. These guides are assuming you are using a tea light powered simmer pot. Adjust accordingly to fit your needs.

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