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Dear Antoinette

Opalite Crystal Worry Stone

Opalite Crystal Worry Stone

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• New Beginnings • Childlike Glee • Resilience •

Opalite is an incredible stone that brings us back to our childhood innocence. It represents peace, happiness, confidence, and is said to help us face our fears.

I like to think of Opalite as an inner child healing crystal - bringing me back to the days of having no fears, always getting back up without thinking twice about it, and being carefree.

This Opalite crystal worry stone is approx. 2" in length. It should be noted that (all) Opalite is a man-made stone. Each stone will vary slightly in color and shape from that of the photo.

Worry stones are a wonderful tool to use to transmute your energy to your stone. Hold it on your fingertips and allow your thumb to find the curve of your stone to gently rub and allow it to absorb your energy - or re-energize you! Worry stones are great to keep in your purse, pocket, or to use during meditations.

Opalite should not be put into water. Worry stones will wear with time - but that's okay! That's the entire purpose of a worry stone.

Comes in an organza bag and includes a card that reflects the intentions of Opalite. 

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